torsdag den 8. marts 2012

onsdag den 7. marts 2012

Start of the day - I like my Green Tea :)

New additions to my makeup beautybox!

Carlo Di Roma!! I bought my Carlo Di Roma Eye Shadows in Spain, but you can buy it worldwide. Great makeup, trust me!
'Carlo Di Roma cosmetic line is designed for young appealing woman who is aware of the fact that different makeup styles can entice out various interesting personalities'.

Another pair of shoes to my collection!

Hot or not?

It's Blazer-time!

These are some of my favorite Blazers. Everyting from Zara to H&M to Custom-made.

Good morning hotties :) ! So the question this morning is which colour nailpolish I should wear today?

Nailpolish says a lot about you! It's a part of your whole style of the day. I have narrow it down to 20 now, so the question is which one should I wear today?
Funky blue? Hot yellow? Daring purple? Sexy red? Or my new golden one. I think I will go for the red today, we girls are allowed to feel sexy right ;)

tirsdag den 6. marts 2012

Who says you can't wear all stars with a dress, not me! I'm going right now to find my all stars in my shoe closet. That style is daring and hot!

And it's my turn now

Hey beauties!
- Fashion is everywhere, so why not welcome another new blogger(ME) who will capture great street styles all around with my 'I cannot live without you' SONY camera. I will OF COURSE also decorate this blog with all the things that catches my eyes and MUST share with you all. Take care and be safe. Xoxo Julli.